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The trainers that use White Cube are the very best. Let us find the person to help you achieve your goals.

Our trainers:

Amy Quelch

Amy specialises in strength building and muscle toning, with a vision to not only coach, but educate her clients through innovative, enjoyable sessions that get positive results and instil confidence. Amy is also a co-founder and Director at White Cube.

Amy says:

" I have been in the Personal Training Industry for 5+ years, with additional credentials in sports therapy and massage. I apply this knowledge into all sessions, as I am passionate about teaching correct exercise techniques to build a strong foundation for your body, reducing injury risk and improving posture.

I have an extensive background in Track and Field Athletics, working under commonwealth coaches and competing all over the UK. I therefore know the discipline it takes to get results and will help you achieve the same.

If you are interested in building strength, burning fat and most importantly, enjoying exercise, then get in touch! "

Fiona Chan

Fiona is a Level 4 Personal Trainer (with a specialism in obesity and diabetes). She is also qualified in pre/post-natal fitness, kettlebells, suspension training, padwork, GP Exercise Referral, Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise as well as a qualified Youth Strength and Conditioning/Sports Performance Coach. She is also a Masters judo athlete with current British, European and World medals. Fiona is also a Director at White Cube.

Fiona says:

"I am fortunate to work with a varied client base and currently work people aged 4-78 ranging from stay-at-home mums, C-Level Executives, school children and everything in-between! Whilst I take health and fitness seriously, I aim to make my sessions fun, interesting and inspiring. After the birth of my daughter, I embarked on my own fitness journey and managed to lose over 6 stone as well as return to my childhood sport of judo and therefore feel that I can better empathise with my clients and understand their challenges. Contact me to arrange a no-obligation, complimentary consultation/health check to see how we can work together."   

Chiara Beecham

Chiara specializes in Functional Fitness. She is qualified to work with clients of all ages and abilities and focuses on helping clients make healthy lifestyle changes.

Chiara says:

"Exercise should be an enjoyable activity. I love the way working out makes me feel and I am passionate about sharing that experience with others. I specialise in Functional Fitness for women between the ages of 35 and 65 years of age.

In all new clients I assess posture and movement patterns to find the ways in which exercise improves their daily lives. Functional exercise teaches the body to work efficiently as a whole and provides a great basis for muscle strengthening, weight loss and improving overall health.

Life is about balance and my main goal is to create an exercise plan that is sustainable and makes exercise a long-lasting part of life.

I am licensed by the American Counsel on Exercise as a Personal Trainer and licensed with the UK Registry of Exercise Professionals as a Level 3 Personal Trainer."

Danny Silk

Danny exudes an enthusiasm which never fails to motivate his clients

Danny says:

"I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer with a strong passion to help my clients reach their fitness goals, whatever they may be. I also specialise in nutritional and dietary advice.

I always aim to make my workout fun as well as working towards the desired end result."

Paul Strickland

Paul is a highly qualified Personal Trainer. He offers high level nutritional advice, and specialises in obesity and diabetes (Level 4), as well as strength and conditioning taining, sports massage, and martial arts coaching.. 

Paul says:

“Life is what happens to you: Living is what you do about it".

"As a Personal Trainer my mission is to help and encourage my clients (you) to adopt a healthy lifestyle, helping you to achieve your full potential. I will provide you with the knowledge, skills, guidance and motivation to help you achieve your goals.

I develop individualised  programs that are safe, effective, efficient and tailored to your needs. Most importantly, they will be programs that you’ll enjoy doing. The programs encompass cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility athleticism and nutritional advise, supplying you with monthly recipe packs.

I personally train regularly and have practiced the martial art of Tang Soo Do for 30 years, still competing at the highest level, winning gold in the 2016 & 2017 National Championships. GB Team for the World Championships in 2018.

I believe exercise to be fundamental in achieving a balanced lifestyle, helping to reduce stress and enhance your quality of life.

Reliable and knowledgeable, l get immense personal satisfaction from being a Personal Trainer. If you would like to start on your personal fitness journey, please do not hesitate to contact me."

David Page

David is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with extensive experience in many areas of the fitness industry.

David says:

“I’ve been passionate about health and fitness for many years now and after spending a lot of time training friends and family I decided to get properly trained and qualify as a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

I qualified with Premier Training who are widely regarded in the fitness industry as providing the gold standard of training for their PT graduates. I am registered with Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Along with my Personal Trainer qualification I am also a certified gym instructor, kettle bell class instructor, circuit class instructor, a qualified nutritional advisor and emergency first aid qualified. I have also completed further qualifications in Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise and Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management."

Juliet Feeney

Juliet is a Level 3 qualified PT instructor, as well as being trained in Swing Train and Kettlecise.


Juliet says:

"I have been described by my clents as fun, quirky, inspirational, crazy and full of energy!  As a Level3 PT qualified instructor and also Swing Train and Kettlercise instructor since 2016, I’ve been transforming my clients into fitter, healthier versions of themselves. Let’s shape up together!"

Jennifer McFarland

Jen is a REPS registered Personal Trainer, with Level 3 qualification, including training older adults and GP referrals.

Jen says

"I have been a personal trainer for 6 years. In that time, I have worked with clients of different ages, diverse fitness levels and varied goals. I like to inspire my clients into discovering that working out can be fun and rewarding meaning they are more likely to persevere with a fitness regime and achieve their goals. I also encourage clients to incorporate their training into their lifestyle as much as possible because I believe that fitness and healthy living needs to be a way of life not a short-lived phase, which includes yo-yo dieting and fitness fads.

My training means I can work clients with diabetes, asthma or other health conditions, so these need not be barriers to them getting fitter. I am also qualified to teach circuit training, group cycling, suspension fitness, high intensity interval training (HIIT), outdoor pt and padworks guaranteeing varied workouts."

Colin Streets

White Cube’s latest fantastic personal trainer! Profile coming soon.

Max Cacace

Max has over 15 years' experience in the fitness industry, and also has extensive gymnastics, karate and dance experience

Max says:

"I spent 13 years as a classic ballet dancer, studying in Italy I was also a professional ballet dancer in London for 4 years.

Since then, my interest in the fitness industry grew stronger, and I qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and kettlebell instructor.

I have over 10 years weight training and bodybuilding experience, and love working with clients of all ages and varieties of goals."

Rachel Mounter

Rachel is an experienced personal trainer. Her clients love her training style, which is both encouraging and motivational.

Rachel says:

”I offer a wide range of PT services, with specialisations in pre and postnatal exercise, intrinsic core synergy, lower back pain, knee rehabilitation, general rehab (shoulder, hip, etc), weight loss, and endurance training.”

Mariam Manzoor

Profile coming soon

Dora Szentivanyi

Dora offers personal training  for any woman who wants individual coaching to help be the best version of herself.

Dora says:

"I'm a  pre- and postnataly trained personal trainer, so I'm happy to help you keep fit and strong during your pregnancy and also help you to recover and get into the best shape after having a baby. 

It involves a tailor-made workout plan just for you (taking into account your level of postnatal fitness), nutritional advice, day-to-day contact and support. It’s like having a psychologist who helps you get fit and look great too! I offer various packages."

Shannon Butcher

Shannon has worked with a range of different clients of all ages and abilities. If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, increase muscle mass, get fitter and generally feel better about yourself then contact her today.

Shannon says:

"I am a fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer. Who loves sport and keeping fit, I have played football since a young age and have achieved black belt in karate. I am REPS registered and have full liability insurance.

I believe it is important for all clients to have a goal they are aiming to work to, by challenging themselves and keeping it fun. I listen to client’s interests and create varied sessions to keep them motivated.

Alongside my PT qualification I have done further training courses such as Exercise for Older Adults, HIIT and Circuit Training and Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management."


Rhys Clark

Rhys is an experienced health coach and personal trainer who aims to support his clients in developing a sustainable balanced lifestyle. With a MSc in Exercise Physiology and a certified sport nutritionist (CISSN), Rhys will combine his knowlodge and broad experience within elite sport and public health to help his clients reach their goals. 

Rhys says: 

"I believe in educating clients to empower them to make healthy informed decisions and develop sustainable habits. I will draw from my experience working in the public and private health sector, including coaching patients with pre-diabetes, to deliver holisitc support that includes guidance on nutrition, exercise and sleep.

If you just want training motivation or have a goal to improve your lifestyle or needing support training for an event - I will keep sessions fun, varied and with purpose." 

Phill Young

Phill is a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness. He holds qualifications in kettlebell, functional training, circuit training, suspension training, exercise for fat loss, nutrition for sport and exercise and Pre and Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition.

Phill says:

"I have a passion to help people on their fitness journey, whether that be a weight loss journey, improving their running, training for an event or simply to get fit. I offer one to one personal training, small group training, running coaching, running plans and nutrition advice.

I can design programmes to meet your needs and keep every session fun and interesting. As a personal trainer and coach, my mission is to provide the knowledge, motivation and support to enable a state of wellbeing in my clients, which can be used to support a healthy lifestyle.”


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