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Train Safely at White Cube

At White Cube Fitness, we recognise that training safely in the current environment is of paramount importance. Due to the fact that we are a personal training only gym studio, we are ideally positioned to allow you the all benefits of training in a gym, but with strict precautions in place to make sure your safety comes first.

~ We have no public membership, so no lone clients to bump into, or get in your way.

~ All White Cube Personal Trainers will ensure social distancing is observed throughout your session.

~ Strictly controlled numbers at all times. You will never train in a busy gym, whatever the time of day.

~ Each piece of equipment will be cleaned before use (including before each individual set during a session).

~ Dedicated and clean exercise mat for sole use during a session, ensuring no direct contact with the floor.

~ Handwashing by both trainer and client before and after a session.

~ Hand sanitiser available in the gym at all times, for additional safety.

We look forward to welcoming you.

White Cube Team.

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